About us


The production of various garments began in 1889 at our Richmond facility. In the late 60s the company became the outerwear division of Bombardier Recreational Products that was later sold to Camoplast Inc. After manufacturing for over 20 years extreme sports outerwear, winter sports and football protective equipment the transition began to FR industrial and military protective apparel in the mid-1980s. In 1999, a new management team decided to merge the know-how in Extreme sports and Fire Retardant industrial/military apparel designs and manufacturing to create a new generation of turnout gear, identified as the INNO5000 / INNO6000 SERIES. The next step was to find a new company name. INNOTEX® was chosen, as it is derived from our mission to continuously INNOvate through TEXtile. The first UL® certified turnout gear subsequently was made in 2001.

Today, INNOTEX®’s commitment is to keep on providing firefighters with the absolute best turnout gear maximizing their performance and safety. INNOTEX® has been chosen by several hundred Fire Departments and currently protects some of the largest Fire Departments in North America, the military as well as large International FD.

Innovative design

Our light weight design inspired from decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of Extreme Sports Protective Clothing results in an incomparable fit and comfort allowing your body to move freely with less restriction; improving your reach helping reduce heat stress without compromising on protection.

Durability & Protection

Combining the best NFPA 1971 certified composites available with high quality stitching and strategic reinforcements has resulted in a turnout with unmatched durability. The exceptional attention to details helps to extend the life of the turnout allowing FD to save considerably and more importantly, improve the firefighters’ safety.

Its unique “L” shape protection flap, the patented BR-1 collar™ system, the extra layers of thermal liner in high compression areas such as knees and shoulders are some of the key features making INNOTEX® the ultimate protection for firefighters.


Our light weight performance driven design combined with our experienced workmanship, our attention to detail, our flexibility and a careful selection of materials results in HIGH QUALITY GEAR that you will be proud to wear.

The Future

INNOTEX® has established itself in a very short period of time as a leading manufacturer of NFPA 1971 certified turnout gear. Our intent is to continue to grow by doing what we do best: provide firefighters with durable long lasting gear in a lightweight design at an affordable price with outstanding customer service.