For how long has INNOTEX® been manufacturing turnout gear?

INNOTEX® has been developing, manufacturing and distributing fire retardant clothing for 30 years. Our first NFPA 1971 certified high quality turnout gear was developed in 2000 and we have been innovating ever since to complement it with more options and features.

How do I purchase INNOTEX® turnout gear?

INNOTEX® turnout gear is available at any of our American, Canadian or international distributors’ offices. Please contact one of our fine dealers to have more information on how to purchase INNOTEX® products. To know which dealer is the closest to your desired location please use the INNOTEX® Dealer Locator available on our website.

How do I select a composite for my custom gear?

INNOTEX® has a wide range of certified composites to choose from. The selection of a composite will be dependent on your Fire Department’s specific needs. Different textiles and membranes have different qualities like durability, resistance to abrasion, protection from heat and breathability that can vary and choosing the right one will be greatly influenced by your department’s daily operations. TPP, THL as well as price are also factors to analyse when making a decision. The best solution is to speak to an expert at your dealership or call/email us if you need any help making a selection.

What is the delivery time on custom gear and stock gear?

Normal delivery time for is between 6 to 8 weeks for custom gear and 10 days for stock gear.

Where is INNOTEX® turnout gear available?

Although our distribution network is mainly focused in North America (United States, Canada), INNOTEX® is proud to be offering its products all around the World. With a presence in over 40 countries we can truly say that INNOTEX® is an international company.

Who can I contact to get more information on the gear?

More information on our product line is available by contacting any of our dealers as well as the INNOTEX® office via phone or email.

Where is the gear manufactured?

The gear is manufactured by our experienced and dedicated seamstresses at our Richmond, Quebec factory.

What distinguishes your gear from others?

Our gear is differs from our competitors by the extreme quality of the craftsmanship that makes for the safest and most durable turnout gear in the industry. We have also listened to our customers and Fire Departments from all over the world to bring innovation to our gear and make it particularly distinguished for its ergonomic and ease of movement qualities.

Where can I meet INNOTEX® representatives?

INNOTEX® is present in over 100 affiliated dealerships all over North America and the world. We are also present in over 40 tradeshows annually, covering mostly North America but also various parts of the world. For more information or to know where is your closest dealership email us: innotex@innotex.ca or call us 1-888-821-3121.

What is the warranty on INNOTEX® products?

For more information on the warranty for INNOTEX® products, please contact us or refer to the warranty section of our website