Innovative Carcinogenic-Protective Gear at FDIC International

INDIANAPOLIS Wednesday, April 26, 2017 – Following the successful launch of last year’s industry-changing INNOTEX ENERGYTM technology, INNOTEX®–one of the top five turnout gear firms in North America– is back at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis to unveil today yet another unprecedented innovation with their latest in protective equipment: INNOTEX GRAYTM.

Where INNOTEX ENERGYTM raised the bar in lightweight turnout gear innovation by offering protection without compromise, unprecedented comfort, increased durability and added usefulness, INNOTEX GRAYTM tackles rising firefighting health issues through precise, cutting-edge protective equipment that mitigates risks while maintaining air permeability, comfort and mobility.

INNOTEX®’s ongoing passion for creativity and thirst for innovation led the company to tackle the rising health concerns in the firefighting industry. They turned their attention to an increasing number of scientific studies that provide strong evidence between increased health risks and toxic particulates found in the combustion of structural fires, as well as higher rates of certain cancers in firefighters than in the rest of the population.

With this as their guiding design principle, INNOTEX® pushed the envelope even further by conceiving the development of its INNOTEX GRAYTM technology, aimed at tackling these health hazards directly. The INNOTEX GRAYTM line of protective gear specifically reduces the risks of carcinogenic contamination by blocking particulates as small as 0.1 μm to 1.0 microns (µm) that are found in the combustion of structural fires by >98%, while maintaining air permeability, an essential feature in preventing increased core temperature.

The gear keeps firefighters cool and comfortable but especially safe from hazardous occupational exposure through the following features, each with pending patents:

  • INNOTEX GRAYTM 25 HOOD – Shields the vulnerable area between helmet & coat with a 3-layer system that includes an air permeable, particulate-blocking outer shell and a smooth, cooling inner viscose filament liner (available in TTP 29.7/THL 380).
  • INNOTEX GRAYTM WRISTLET & SLEEVE WELL – Shields vulnerable areas between sleeves & gloves with seamless protection and an air permeable particulate blocking layer as lining.
  • INNOTEX GRAYTM STORM BAND – Shields the vulnerable area between coat & pants with an adjustable elasticized waistband made of an air permeable particulate blocking layer.
  • INNOTEX GRAYTM LEG GAITER – Shields vulnerable areas between pants & boots with an elasticized water well made of an air permeable particulate blocking layer.

INNOTEX GRAYTM is the result of the firm’s continued attempts at innovating in this much-needed and slightly overlooked area. Proof of their forward-thinking vision, it meets the requirements of the proposed 2018 Edition of the NFPA 1971.

INNOTEX® President, Louis Carpentier, explains:

“Motivated by a continuous desire to produce the highest caliber turnout gear in the industry, we launched INNOTEX ENERGY™ in April 2016 and created a garment providing ideal equilibrium between protection, comfort and durability. Its launch propelled our business to another level, making the past year one the most exciting in our history.

Nevertheless, we’re eager to mark the coming year with the introduction of our INNOTEX GRAY™ technology, which enhances protection by reducing contact with harmful particles that threaten health and well-being; a true testament to our vision for the future of firefighting.”

INNOTEX GRAYTM is available as of today. Visit for more details.


Expanding on the huge success of last year’s launch of INNOTEX ENERGY™, INNOTEX® has since developed and integrated the gear’s supplementary AIRFLOW™ shoulder components. Inspired from technology used by professional backpackers, this three-dimensional padding system adds increased comfort by cushioning the SCBA, while managing perspiration through engineered AIR FLOW™ channels that also eliminate the sealed-envelope effect.

It isn’t all about re-inventing the wheel though, as INNOTEX® has also been hard at work improving on the trusted Chicago Closure. To allow for increased comfort, their INNOTEX COMPACT CHICAGO CLOSURE re-design improves on the traditional version with a narrower hook & dee to reduce overlap of fabric and eliminate excess bulk by shrinking the width of the storm flap that covers the primary closure.


INNOTEX® specializes in the design and manufacturing of turnout designs, redefining and reimagining them to be as efficient as possible by making improvements to comfort and durability, without compromising on protection.

INNOTEX®’s commitment to protecting firefighters through innovation has led their turnout gear to be chosen by several hundred fire departments, including some of the largest in North America and major fire departments abroad, as well as the military.


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