We are more than pleased with the INNOTEX® Turnouts! We are able to purchase quality protective gear without compromising safety. Due to the cost savings, we are able to replace aging turnout gear at a faster rate. This is the least amount of time we have waited for new turnout gear, even when alterations are needed. We will be purchasing INNOTEX® for many years to come.

-Chief Dan Yager, Sutter County Fire Department, California, USA

Let me begin by saying thanks for putting out an awesome product, I have been wearing INNOTEX® for about 5 years now and it is the best gear that I have worn. It's durable, comfortable and has some great features such as the Drag Rescue Device.

-William Irby, EP/Security, Personnel Spoke

…my structural firefighting clothing from INNOTEX® saved my life. Turnouts are not meant to be subjected to heat and flames like I had to endure that day but INNOTEX®’s turnouts held up in extreme conditions…

-Captain Dennis Mack, Minneapolis FD, Minnesota, USA

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