INNOTEX ENERGY Sizing Kit Update

We’ve recently made a few changes to the INNOTEX ENERGY™ sizing kit.

In order to make the feel of the sizing kit more realistic, we’ve changed the liner on both the coat and pants to a material that better mimics standard thermal liners.

We’ve also added profiled pockets to the coat. The extra layers from the pocket (especially if firefighters fill them with items) inside the coat helps give a more representative impression of the coat’s fit.

We also understand that not all firefighters have the same body shape.

To help with this, we’ve equipped the sizing kit coats with zippers. If the bottom of the coat is loose because the firefighter is broad of shoulder, one or two zippers can be used to pinch the outer shell and adjust the coat into a “V shape” cut.

One zipper equals an alteration of 2”.  Two zippers equal an alteration of 4” at the bottom circumference of the coat. Make sure to have the firefighter go through crawling, kneeling and stepping motions with the zipper(s) engaged to see if the amount of material to remove is optimal.



For more information on how to properly use a sizing kit, access the Dealerzone in the Measuring Methods section to download the Measuring Process with Sizing Kits.

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