INNOTEX is now offering 5 new Rapid Delivery Gear. While our 5 previous models of RDG are still available, they will be phased out with the coming NFPA 1971, 2018 edition.

Here are the major differences between the two lineups.

The two main changes are the zippered inspection port on the coat and pants as well as the fact that they all meet the proposed NFPA 1971, 2018 edition.


INNO5172 to RDG10

A simple change! The Synergy® outershell becomes Brigade®.


INNO5222 to RDG20

Fabrics all the way. Where the INNO5222 uses a composite of AdvanceTM Khaki, RT 7100 and Xtra-liteTM Chambray, the RDG20 is a composite of PioneerTM Khaki, Stedair® 3000 and DefenderTM M NP Brass.


INNO55Q3 to RDG30

Again, just fabrics. The INNO55Q3 uses a composite of GeminiTM XT, Crosstech® Black and Quantum 3D® SL2i. The RDG30 uses PBI MaxTM Gold, Crosstech® Black and GlideTM Ice 2-layer with new ScotchliteTM Segmented Trim.


INNO6222X to RDG40

Here’s where it really starts to change.

The RDG40 has been upgraded from a 6000X model to an INNOTEX ENERGYTM model.

It has all the basic features of the ENERGYTM except: No AirflowTM, no Dual Metabolic Zones and no profiled pockets (coat pockets are semi-bellow 8’’ x 9’’).

Materials are now PioneerTM Gold, RT 7100 and DefenderTM M NP Brass with new ScotchliteTM Segmented Trim versus the old AdvanceTM Gold, RT 7100 and Xtra-liteTM Chambray.

For aesthetic reasons, the knees are now black. Let’s face it – Gold aramid on PioneerTM Gold does not look right.



The RDG50 upgrades from a 6000 model to an INNOTEX ENERGYTM and again without AirflowTM, Dual Metabolic Zones or profiled pockets. Coat pockets are now semi-bellow 8’’ x 9’’.

VizGripTM flaps on the coat pockets have been traded in for grabbers.

The thermal liner switches from ChambrayTM 2-layer to PrismTM 2-Layer and we added the new ScotchliteTM Segmented Trim.


And that about sums up the changes!

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